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October 21, 2011

Librarians Love Fifo Too!

My Rating: 5 Stars Out Of 5

Fifo “50 States” is a whimsical picture book that introduces children to each state in the United States. The book was written by Hayley Rose and illustrated by Jessie B. Orlet. This book was published by Inkwell Productions in 2010. (ISBN: 9780981464824)

Are you looking for an enjoyable way to introduce the 50 states to your child? This book is written in rhyme and illustrated with delightful color pictures. Your child will love learning about the United States with Fifo.

About the Author
Hayley Rose grew up in the beach side town of Pacific Palisades, California, to a family of visual artists. In the early 1990′s she traveled the U.S. with her band Crush Violet. Along with writing children’s books, Hayley has been working in entertainment business management for the past 15 years, specializing in concert touring. She is currently a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and resides dually in Los Angeles, CA and Scottsdale, AZ.
Her first book, Fifo “When I Grow Up” was published in 2002.

50 States and a Ton of Fun!
Fifo “Fifty States” is a charming picture book in rhyme. It is also a wonderful learning tool for children. Each state is featured with a rhyme and a delightful color picture. There is an amazing amount of information presented in the text and the illustrations complement and add more interesting details to the text.

The book presents the following information about each of the 50 states;
The geographic section of the country that the state is located in ( North, South, East, West, Midwest).
The chronological order that the state entered the Union. (Ex. The 26th state)
The name of the state capitol.
The name of the state flower.
The name of the state tree.
The name of the state bird.
The state motto.
The illustrations add even more details about the states;

A small state map with a star to spotlight the capitol city.
The state flag.
A glimpse of the landscape and tourist attractions.
Some of the main products and occupations (corn, cherries, mining, farming, livestock, etc.)
Famous state events (Ex. Hot Air Balloons in New Mexico, Rodeos in Oklahoma, etc.)
Famous events in the state’s history.
The best thing about the illustrations is that Fifo is featured right in the middle of the page wearing a costume that is appropriate for the state that he is visiting!
I would like to share one page from the book so that you can feel the rhythm of the text and view one of the illustrations;

“Down in the south
lies the 28th state.
It is called Texas
and I hear it’s just great.
Austin is the capitol
and there are many things to see.
like the Bluebonnet flower
and the yummy Pecan tree.
The crazy little Mockingbird
lives in Texas too.
It’s a wonderful place to visit,
I’d like to go there, wouldn’t you?”

Children will love to travel the country with Fifo the Bear. This book will make learning fun and kids will be eager to read it over and over again.

My Thoughts
Fifo “50 States” is fun, fantastic and full of facts! Kids will love the rhythm and repetition of the text. This book offers many opportunities for parents and teachers to share the joy of traveling with Fifo. I was overwhelmed by the detail in the illustrations. Children will spend hours exploring and investigating the fact-filled pictures.
The beautiful thing about this book is that it is appropriate for children of all ages. Young children will delight in hearing their parent/teacher reading the text and looking at the colorful pictures of Fifo. Older children will find this book educational and intriguing. I think this book will give students just enough information to make them go searching for more. I highly recommend this book to children, parents and teachers. This book rocks!

Fifo “50 States” was recently selected from over 1000 entries to be included on the K.A.R.T Kids Book List for the 2011/2012 school year. The book has also won a “Mom’s Choice Award”, a “2011 Readers Favorite Book Award” and many other honors.

You can download Fifo coloring sheets and word games from Fifo’s Web Page. These resources will be very popular with young and old alike. Great fun for Fifo fans!

Fifo The Bear Books [Book Trailer]
If you would like to learn more about the Fifo the Bear books, please click HERE to view the book trailer.

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July 10, 2011

Readers Favorite – Review



By Readers Favorite “Book Reviews and Award Contest” (Hawesville, KY USA)

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Fifo 50 States by Hayley Rose is an excellent tool for teaching children about the 50 states. Information pertaining to each state is included in a poem, as well as the state bird, flower and tree. This small book also teaches the state capital and the state number. The rhythm will help the child to learn the information. The illustration contains clues to something for which the state is well known. At the bottom of the page with the poem is the state motto.

I’ll use Kentucky as an example of the information offered for each state. Kentucky was the fifteenth state, and Frankfort is the capital. The state flower is goldenrod, and the state tree is the yellow poplar tree. The state bird is the red bird, also known as the Cardinal. The state motto is United We Stand and Divided We Fall. The illustration shows a horse because Kentucky is famous for fast horses. The illustration also shows the state bird. Tobacco and coal are the main crops. Daniel Boone National Forest is located in the eastern part of the state. The state is well known for Fort Knox where all the national gold reserves are hidden.

Hayley Rose offers teachers and parents a tool to utilize in making learning fun. I was excited when I received this book to review. Learning should be fun, and Rose has created an excellent way that children can relate to. We need more books of this caliber for our children. The amount of information stored in this small book is amazing. I shared Fifo with my grandson. Maddix loved the bear and the poetry held his attention. He asked me to read it again; that’s how I judge a book to be worthy of my shelves.


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April 14, 2011

Bluerose’s Heart – Review

Bluerose’s Heart‘s review

Apr 14, 11

Fifo “50 States”

status: Read in April, 2011

As a mom who hopes to homeschool, I’m thrilled to have Fifo “50 States” on our bookshelf!! There is just so much information in it, and there’s really something for all ages. I know it is mostly intended for ages 4-8, but I doubt most of us know all of the facts about each state. There’s a great deal that I don’t know, so it’s a great lesson for me, too.

Each state has its own two pages. On the left side is a poem that teaches the state’s number, capital, flower, tree, bird, and the state’s motto is at the bottom. The poem for each one is basically the same, except certain words are replaced for each state. You may or may not like this, but I loved that about it. I’m not a teacher, but it seems like it will make it easier to learn.
On the right page is a picture with all kinds of different highlights from that state, including the flag and a picture of the state. Of course, since each state has different things that make it stand out, all the pictures are very unique. I think it would be fun to let your child go on a “treasure hunt” in each picture and find all the different highlights of the state. For example, Pennsylvania has a groundhog and Hersheys kisses in its picture, along with lots of other items! This isn’t a book you would want to just read straight through.

The only somewhat complaint I have is that it is paperback. I would have preferred hardcover for this type of book, but I think it provides such a fun learning experience that I’d overlook the paperback part. :)

I just adored this book, and again, I’m so glad it is on our shelves. We will definitely make use of Fifo “50 States” when we start to study geography, whether we homeschool or not!

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April 13, 2011

Write for a Reader – Review

Fifo “50 States”

What a great way to share facts about the 50 states!  Fifo the Bear takes children on an alphabetical field trip through each state in the United States.  Each state is described, through poetry, with references to state flowers, mottos, capitals, etc.  In the border of the page is the name of the state as well as the motto.  The illustrations give even more information about each state.  They show the shape of the state, the state flag, and other pictures that are indicative of that particular state.

I can definitely see this book being used in the classroom.  Young children want to learn about the states, but there aren’t many books out there that are kid-friendly.  Hayley Rose has solved that problem along with her illustrator, Jessie Orlet.  Kids will love this book because of the rhyme and vivid pictures.  There is also a pattern to each page that young children can pick up on:  “It’s a wonderful place to visit, I’d like to go there, wouldn’t you?”  Even if they were unable to read all of the other words, they would catch on to the last lines quickly and be able to read along. 

There are so many facts loaded in the pages of the book, that it is a goldmine for the child traveler!  He or she, along with Fifo, will learn many things about the state they live in along with all the other states in the US.  Kudos to Hayley Rose and her book; it’s a winner!

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Barnes and Noble Event – Scottsdale, AZ

Barnes and Noble

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April 11, 2011

Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers – Review

Today’s guest is here courtesy of Pump Up Your Book and features a title that is sure to please. Readers of all ages can revel in this little informative wonder while still enjoying some fabulous detailed artwork. Ready to read all about it? Here we go! Today’s book of choice and blog tour guest is….

Fifo “50 States”
by Hayley Rose
illustrated by Jessie B. Orlet

This is not your typical children’s storybook despite what the cover may say to you. Though it does read as easily as one and with much whimsy, in truth, it’s a non-fiction book for kids of all ages (yes, YOU too) that teaches readers all about the US of A from sea to shining sea in small, lyrical, and easily digested pages. Allow me to explain…

With every turn of the page we are taken on an adventure with Fifo the bear as our guide. (Nice to meet you Fifo! Lead us where you may…) We travel from state to state to state on a journey to discover all 50 wonders that make up this great country…without ever having left our living rooms. Each two page spread shares an informative piece of poetry where readers will learn about the state being explored. Facts shared include not merely the state name and capital as we were taught in school, but also the state’s bird, tree, and location. Further more, if we look outside the box (so to speak), we learn the state’s motto…something not many people know about their own home state let alone others.

As if all this imparting of information wasn’t enough, the illustrator steps in and affords you another opportunity to learn even more about the state of which you are reading. The right hand page offers smile inducing pictures of Fifo traveling the country and showing us just what each state is known for….beyond the text. The visual representation makes its mark in the details so taking your time and reviewing the picture at length is perfectly acceptable. Take for example, my original home state, Pennsylvania. The picture has the state bird (the Ruffed Grouse) holding a few Hershey Kisses and a chocolate bar while our shadow scared friend Phil stands nearby. Or looking at my current home state, Florida…we have Fifo wrestling an alligator while the Sabal Palms sway in the breeze. Even though I can’t see your face, I bet you’re smiling right about now, even without the visual… ^_^

In summary, a wonderful book that is perfect for the whole family as not only a reading adventure, but a learning experience…even perhaps an impromptu reference guide of sorts. The author and illustrator work hand in hand to get the pertinent information across in such a fun way, you won’t even realize how much you’ve learned until you reach book’s end. To further the experience, once you’ve finished reading (or before, depending on your preference) be sure to check out Fifo’s official website where you can learn more about Fifo “50 States” as well as their other fine titles, find out more information on the author, learn a bit about the illustrator, and complete some fun activities including coloring pages and word jumbles!

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April 5, 2011

Book Dads – Review

Fifo “50 States“ 

I don’t know about other book bloggers out there, but sometimes my first impression of a book comes simply from me holding the book, looking at its cover and leafing through a few of its pages.A couple things impressed me right off the bat with Hayley Rose’s latest Fifo The Bear book, Fifo “50 States.” Before I even read the book, I loved the presentation of the book itself. The cover art of Fifo The Bear looking like the Statue of Liberty was adorable and eye-catching. The glossy illustrations and high quality paper in the book were beautiful as well, and the book just felt good to hold in your hands.

While my two-year-old daughter isn’t old enough to appreciate (or sit through a reading of) the great amount of information presented by Fifo on his tour of the 50 states, I can definitely appreciate the terrific learning opportunity a book like this presents for school-age children. Actually, let me clarify that statement. I learned a great deal myself by reading this book, as I’m only aware of a few state flower’s or motto’s.

All in all, Fifo “50 States” is simply a fun book for kids and parents alike, and for me, the illustrations stole the show. For example, I got the biggest kick out of seeing the illustration for my home state of Pennsylvania, complete with Fifo The Bear dressed up as the famous fictional boxer, Rocky Balboa!

Another nostalgic moment for me was New York. I spent many years living in and just outside New York City, and the illustration, complete with a dedication to the Twin Towers brought a tear to my eye. Now that I’ve spent my last nine years in Michigan, I also had a big grin at seeing the illustration of the Mackinac Bridge, as well as Fifo holding a brochure titled, “Visit the U.P.”

This book presents not only a great learning opportunity for children, but also an excellent way for parents to bond with their kids by sharing some of their memories of visits and times spent in our 50 states. I’m thrilled to have a copy of this book, and look forward to sharing this with my daughter when she gets a little older.

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April 4, 2011

Chrissy’s World of Books

Chrissy's World Of Books

Fifo “50 States”

Fifo is a little teddy bear that helps children learn about the 50 states by rhyming. This is a young children’s book but can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

I really enjoyed reading this book to my little girl and she sure loved the pictures. As I read her the rhymes about the 50 states I was able to point to the things in the picture that corresponded to the things in the rhyme.

This book makes it fun and easy to learn about each states capital, shape, flag, state birds, flower and much more.  I wish I had this fun little rhyming book when my other kids were growing up this might of made it much easier to learn about some of these state things and capitals early so they would know them when it came time to study them in school.

This is a wonderful learning and teaching tool for little children. I would have no problem recommending this book to all children.

I rate Fifo “50 States” 5 out of 5 stars

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March 24, 2011

A Mom After God’s Own Heart – Book Review

Fifo “50 States”

This is an absolutely delightful book for children of all ages, but particularly four to ten year olds. Each of the 50 states are individually emphasized with beautiful, bright illustrations. The rhymes are so fun and very catchy. I found myself so amused and enjoyed the book as much as my children.

My four year old especially loved reading it, and in fact, we have read it multiple times, particularly the Texas pages. Her aunt and uncle live there, so it was very exciting for her to see that page. Each illustration includes whimsical drawings of State landmarks, flags, and more. This will make the perfect gift for children of all ages! This is an ideal book for any preschool, kindergarten and early elementary classroom or home school program. You can take Fifo 50 States and build a complete Unit Study or Lap Book based on a single State with very little difficulty. I used some of the Texas info and found some coloring sheets for my girls to use of the flag, and I plan to help my four year make a special gift for my sister using the book as reference!

Although my children love this book, and I feel it important that they know about the United States, especially with us here in Canada, I think this book is just a perfect gift idea for my soon to be born nephew in Texas!

 I highly recommend this book and give it a huge thumbs up!

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March 21, 2011

Cafe of Dreams Book Reviews

Cafe Of Dreams

Fifo “50 States” by Hayley Rose

An adorably fun and educational book, Fifo “50 States” should be a main staple to every child’s library.  Fifo the bear is a huggable, fun and the perfect tour guide who will introduce your child to all 50 States of the United States.  With delightfully rhyming text, each state has it’s very own poem, complete with vital information such as which numerical founding state it is, the capital, the flower, tree, bird and the location in retrospect to the entire United States, that state is.  On the opposite page, of the poem, is a colorful and hard-to-resist illustration depicting the poem, as well as showing the state’s flag and other great things that that particular state is known for.

Fifo “50 States” is in alphabetical order, which makes looking up particular states quick and easy.  Also with it’s catchy, rhyming text, these facts are easy to learn and memorize.  It is a proven fact that by providing a rhyme or rhythm to text, the brain is much more likely to register and remember what is being taught.  A tempo type of learning mixed with associative learning makes learning so much more fun and easier.  Fifo “50 States” is the perfect tool to teach children about the individual states and the importance they each hold to making the United States a whole.

Kids will adore Fifo and adults will delight in their children’s delight in learning.  This is truly a book that will continue to be treasured within our family.

Café of Dreams Book Review Policy and Ratings

All books will have a _/5 rating. This is how I rate:

5/5 – Excellent/New Favorite – A “5″ is a book that I feel readers of all genres will enjoy (this is given sparingly)

4/5 – Great/Loved it (Would recommend to everyone – particularly lovers of that book’s particular genre)

3/5 – Very good/Really liked it (Enjoyed overall, though there may be areas needing improvements – in my personal opinion)

2/5 – OK/Liked it somewhat (Didn’t hate it, though not something I would read again – needing several improvements – in my personal opinion)

1/5 – Just could not get into it/Struggled to finish

DNF – Did not finish for whatever reason (will be explained in review)

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