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April 5, 2011

Book Dads – Review

Fifo “50 States“ 

I don’t know about other book bloggers out there, but sometimes my first impression of a book comes simply from me holding the book, looking at its cover and leafing through a few of its pages.A couple things impressed me right off the bat with Hayley Rose’s latest Fifo The Bear book, Fifo “50 States.” Before I even read the book, I loved the presentation of the book itself. The cover art of Fifo The Bear looking like the Statue of Liberty was adorable and eye-catching. The glossy illustrations and high quality paper in the book were beautiful as well, and the book just felt good to hold in your hands.

While my two-year-old daughter isn’t old enough to appreciate (or sit through a reading of) the great amount of information presented by Fifo on his tour of the 50 states, I can definitely appreciate the terrific learning opportunity a book like this presents for school-age children. Actually, let me clarify that statement. I learned a great deal myself by reading this book, as I’m only aware of a few state flower’s or motto’s.

All in all, Fifo “50 States” is simply a fun book for kids and parents alike, and for me, the illustrations stole the show. For example, I got the biggest kick out of seeing the illustration for my home state of Pennsylvania, complete with Fifo The Bear dressed up as the famous fictional boxer, Rocky Balboa!

Another nostalgic moment for me was New York. I spent many years living in and just outside New York City, and the illustration, complete with a dedication to the Twin Towers brought a tear to my eye. Now that I’ve spent my last nine years in Michigan, I also had a big grin at seeing the illustration of the Mackinac Bridge, as well as Fifo holding a brochure titled, “Visit the U.P.”

This book presents not only a great learning opportunity for children, but also an excellent way for parents to bond with their kids by sharing some of their memories of visits and times spent in our 50 states. I’m thrilled to have a copy of this book, and look forward to sharing this with my daughter when she gets a little older.

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